Chapter 1

When Is It Time for a New Journey?

When you get fired from your job of 20 years.

It all started March 17, 2014 and you might be thinking Saint Patrick’s Day is supposed to be a lucky day? It also happens to be my father’s birthday but unfortunately as I entered the radio station where I worked it was to be the last day of my 20-year career with that company. As I looked at where my life I realized that if I wanted a life of freedom from employers that could fire you without cause and constrict your income to what they see fit, I had to reinvent myself and become my own boss. How and when did I come up with the concept and get our company going? I’ll explain later in another post. But for now allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Jenkins inventor of Marie Ernst™ interlocking dual-purpose soap. If you look at our soaps, at first glance they look like any old 'normal' everyday soap, but when you look closer you’ll see it's an ingenious combination of two individual halves that join together as one. One half is mild pumice and the other half is a moisturizing bar for your entire body.

Soap has been around since 2800 BC with the Babylonians where they discovered that mixing fats, oils, wood ash, and salts was effective at cleaning skin. The city of Aleppo in present-day Syria was the center of the Silk Roads established themselves as the experts of high-quality natural soaps. The history of soap making continues with Spain and Italy using quality olive oils to make Castile soap, which traveled to England and the rest of the world in the 1500's to present day.

Now in 2016 what sets our Marie Ernst soaps apart from modern soaps? It’s our patent-pending innovative design, extensive market research backed by a well-made product? We’re bombarded everyday with images of ‘perfect’ skin. It’s flawless – with smooth pore-free surfaces. Whatever your vision of ideal skin is, knowing when your skin is at its best, it makes you feel good.

Having healthy attractive looking skin naturally makes you feel more confident as you face the world. It may seem like a small thing, but with good skin, you can get more out of life – you want to meet people, make deeper connections, take on the world and enjoy yourself right?

That’s where Marie Ernst™ comes in. With the ability to exfoliate and moisturize all at once, you’re skin will look and feel a hundreds times better from the first day you use our soaps.

As for me, after being fired for the first time in my life, I soon realized that life is full of constant change, good and bad but in truth I was not undone. Nor was I done growing. In fact I was freed from the limitations of my previous managers and advertising career. I could finally use my 20 years of advertising and marketing experience helping other companies grow and reach their target consumers for my own company. Now imagine that opportunity!

David Jenkins

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