Chapter 2

The First Designs

Why create a new soap in a market with so many soaps?

Why did I decide to create a new soap in a market with so many soaps? Like many people, I have dry skin and sometimes it’s flaky and dull. Mostly, I didn't like applying lotions that make my skin look shiny and greasy or feel oily when touched. I especially dislike feeling lotions on my skin after I shower in the evening before I go to bed.

Unable to find a product that would remove the dryness, I decided to formulate a soap that would work for me. And I did!  But since I was still selling radio advertising and working in the corporate world it was mostly for my personal use or you could call it a hobby. The very first bars helped me eliminate dry skin and repair and hydrate my skin, leaving it smooth and healthy without needed extra lotions or moisturizers.

I first starting by using store bought products. A pumice bar and a moisturizing bar; and when I showered I alternated applying each soap depending on what I wanted done to my skin. I would use the pumice soap to exfoliate and the moisturizing bar to keep my skin from drying out.  But over time this system was too complicated.

Thus began my challenge of how to combine a customizable exfoliating and moisturizing bar into one bar creating a new bathing experience. I developed the concept of taking an exfoliator half bar of soap, and an emollient half and combining them into one. The pumice half gently removed my grime, impurities, calluses, and dry crepe skin on my elbows, arms, legs, and feet. The emollient half nourished and strengthened my skin all over my body, preventing damage and dehydration.

Later that year I gave several of my created soaps as Christmas gifts and I soon began to experience my first request and demand for more soaps. This leads to the part of our story where we sent them to a company for licensing my ides which was a great learning experience and part of why we are hear as a soap company today. I bet you can’t guess which company we signed a NDA with and the name of the company. It surprised me too!

David Jenkins

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