Chapter 5

WD-40 Review of Our Presentation

Official Letter and What WD-40 thought of our soaps presentation?

After all my hard work I was ready to ship out the presentation. The following is my letter I sent along with our presentation and then I was left to patiently await their reply. I have taken the liberty to replace the names of the WD-40 representatives to Madam and Sir to protect their privacy.

Dear Madam and Sir,

I want to start by saying thank you so much and that it is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to present this new idea submission and written description along with the technical drawings and sample products to you and your team. It is my intention that you will view this as a valuable partnership opportunity to expand the Lava Brand which will enable WD-40 Innovation Team to slice out a large niche in the multi-billion dollar health and beauty aid cleansing and care products industry thus allowing WD-40 to enter new markets and supply chains while you gain new consumers and raging fans. This letter will confirm our telephone conversations and signed NDA agreement with WD-40 Company Innovation Team.

As I stated during our phone conversations, I grew up using Lava Soap in the late 1960’s and still use it today. Being number nine in a family of ten children Lava Soap was a staple product in our bathrooms and utility room. You can imagine all the little dirty hands with all the playing, gardening, lawn care, auto maintenance, arts and crafts, hobbies and much more going on in our household, my parents needed not only a good working soap but a great hand cleaner so we could have perfectly clean hands as we all gathered together at the dinner table. I’m proud to say that Lava was their soap of choice! Even today in 2014, my parents still keep Lava Soap bars in their utility room next to the garage at the ready for use.

Today, you will be receiving a FedEx package from me, February 21, 2014 with a 10:30 AM delivery time scheduled. Within the package you will find a printed written description along with various samples for your inspection. I strongly urge your team to use the two assembled bars so you can experience what the actual product does and the results it produces. Since I’ve made my first bars last December, I’ve had request upon request for the soap bars from female co-workers and family members. In fact I'm personally finding it hard to keep up with the demand even thought it’s rather small at this time, but 10 - 15 bars being requested in a week is a lot for one person working full time. Plus I’m giving them away for free!

At the same time, the new idea soap bar is the only soap that I now use on a daily basis. Please keep in mind the various bars of soap I have sent to you including the top pumice bar and bottom emollient bar are for sample purposes only and have been modified to be attached and unattached for your inspection and user engagement purposes. Because of timing constraints and my insistence on showing you actual samples right away, they were not created using the actual technical manufacturing specifications.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to hearing your feedback in the coming days ahead. Thank you again for this unique opportunity!


David Jenkins

I waited for a week before I reached out to make sure they received everything in tack and actually opened our package and here’s what they said in their first reply.

Hi David,

Madam and I received your package, thank you submitting such a comprehensive submission. We will review all that you have submitted and will be targeting to get back to you by March 17th.  

Thanks, Sir”

I also spoke with Madam by phone and she said “David, this is the most beautiful presentation I’ve seen and I’m looking forward to reviewing your products and working with you.”

Boy was I pleased and excited beyond belief knowing what I had accomplished but it was just the beginning of a long journey.

David Jenkins

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