Chapter 4

The Creation of Our Presentation

The afterhours work to make prototype soaps and our presentation to WD-40.

I was still deeply entrenched in my daytime career but this opportunity was too great to let pass. After spending a week writing the first draft of our patent I sent it off to our patent attorney for review. They added their final edits and it was submitted to the USPTO for a provisional patent application. That step helped us secure our idea and protect us as we moved forward with our first NDA with WD-40®.

But it’s just soap…, you might say. Here’s where the innovation kicks in. The soaps I developed are more than just cleansers— the exfoliate and emollient soaps are two individual halves that come together as a whole, creating two different luxurious body treatments at once. The soaps were patented as interchangeable, giving you the ability to select your desired bars in scented and unscented varieties.

Once the patent process was out of the way I spent the next month creating prototypes for our presentation to WD-40®. I would work all day and come home and work through the evening. The first step was to create prototypes without having a soap mold so I had to carve them by hand using the tools I had at home. I learned that soap is very malleable which helped in creating the first shapes, which looked a bit like LEGO’s that fit together. It took over a week to craft and get four samples and then I was on to the first packaging and final presentation shown above.

The next step was writing our proposal, which came naturally from my years of writing advertising proposals to potential clients. The difference was not having templates and I had to start from scratch. It took about a week to finish the writing and soon it was ready to ship to WD-40®. As I stated before it was all done afterhours and a lot of hard work but doing so brought me a sense of great pleasure and accomplishment. Now my anxiety started to set in as I eagerly waited for feedback from the Brand and Project Managers at WD-40® Company. The suspense was a bit overwhelming me as I waited on pins and needles.

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