Marie Ernst 4-Piece Luxury Gift Set, 20 Oz.

Marie Ernst 4-Piece Luxury Gift Set, 20 Oz.


4 Gentle Pumice Exfoliator Bars with 2 Lemon Beebrush & 2 Patchouli Lavendula Moisturizing Bars

Experience a new way to cleanse and simplify your bath and shower routine and get them what they want. The Marie Ernst Gift Set makes the perfect gift for all occasions. Marie Ernst Gift Set is 4 times the enjoyment.

Indulge in creamy cleansing dual-purpose interlocking soap where one side gently exfoliates, brightens and polishes your skin increasing circulation and the other side moisturizes; restores your pH balance, nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates your entire body. With the new advances we’ve made in bar soap there’s no better way to cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Premium Product Benefits:

Chill out with our down to earth Patchouli Lavendula and inhaling the aroma setting the stage for a peaceful day.

A nose full of our Lemon Beebrush will brighten your mood with our lovely lemongrass citrus scents making you feel refreshed while giving a sense of well being.

The Marie Ernst Pumice Bars

Gently exfoliates cleans and brightens your skin with all natural volcanic pumice
Open your pores to reveal a more radiant complexion
Improves your circulation and stimulates your natural skin cell regeneration

The Marie Ernst Moisturizing Bars

Nourishes your skin with superior moisturizers
Restores and replenish your skin’s natural PH balance
Locks in moisture and stimulates your natural skin restoration

By: Marie Ernst

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